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Bicycle riding and periods

Hey Sis, do you plan your activities or vacations around your period? In simple terms does your future plans and fun depend on your future period? 

For many of us we plan almost all our activities around when our period might show up. But why would you make a little blood flow stop you from having fun? Shout outs to the evolution of safe period care products, now life is much easier. As long as everything is in place you can do almost everything you want to do. And that includes bicycle riding.

Now if you enjoy bicycle riding like everyone else in our team, please gather here real quick for a selfie. 😁

First of all bicycle riding is one of the activities that will actually help to relieve you if you are cramping. For those who may be worried about the right sanitary products to have on; don’t worry. We gotchu’

Most gynecologists highly suggest using long-winged sanitary pads and for those who will be comfortable; tampons. Also a breathable underwear will be a great idea to improve air flow and reduce friction to prevent irritation. 

But basically it depends on the bike you’re using and what generally makes you comfortable. Our team loves to go on bicycle rides and our favorite spot is @gocityshare 

Where you can rent bikes and ride around as long as you want to.

Are you trying this? Please tag us when you do.


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  1. This is really helpful. I love riding bicycles😄

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