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Healthy Option: Period Cravings

Your menstrual period comes to visit once a month. We all know it’s not the most enjoyable but it is necessary. Your cravings for certain foods increase around this time and the most common culprit is sugary foods. ⠀

Try to keep sugary foods out of reach but instead Keep fresh fruits and vegetables around. A handful of grapes, mango, banana , pineapple or sweet tangerine may be enough to curb your craving for sugar. 

HEALTHY BREAKFAST INSPO (for that time of the month)

GREEN TEA : Have a glass of green tea with half lemon. Green tea will help soothe the cramps and promote blood flow. ⠀

GREEK YOGHURT BOWL : Make a Greek yoghurt bowl with mango , banana , granola and top with coconut chips. Yogurt is one of the best foods to eat on your period, as it is a good source of calcium. ⠀

Credit: @amaboadiwaa_gh 

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