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Our Top 3 Teas for Period Cramps

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Cramping on your period is no joke. Especially when it has you rolling on the floor like you’re preparing for the olympics. Over here at The Sanitary Kit Ghana, we are all about eliminating every form of discomfort during that time of the month and period cramps is on top of this list. 

As lovers of tea, we will always recommend it as your first option. Here are a few of our top herbal teas for your period cramps that guarantees a quick relief.

the sanitary kit - ginger tea

1. The Sanitary Kit Ginger Tea

starting the sanitary kit, we used to depend on a-lot of teas on the market that seemingly helped to reduce cramps but over-time we realized some of these teas are overly processed and did more harm in the long run than good. So we took it upon ourselves to make our own tea; specifically Ginger Tea which has been proven to lower the activity of the pain-causing prostaglandins during your period. Ginger tea also helps to boost your immune system, helps in your cholesterol level and also aids in digestion. This then means you’re getting the full package from our organic ginger tea for your general wellbeing. How cool is that?

The Sanitary Kit Ghana - Fresh Lotus Tea

2. Fresh Lotus Sacral Blend

after discovering the magic of this sacral blend we couldn’t help but put you on this awesomeness. First of all, it is Ghanaian made and has the cutest packaging ever. This tea’s active ingredients are cinnamon & oregano and the blend helps to cleanse and rejuvenate your V. No wonder it’s popularly called “the tea for the V”. Its great in relieving your cramps, treating vaginal infections and balancing your PH. Got that? Now grab a cup and thank us in a month or two. (Instagram: @freshlotus_ )

The Sanitary Kit Ghana - Twinings Tea

3. Twinnings Super-blend (Calm)

Twinnings super-blends slowly warmed its way into our hearts a few months ago and Calm has become a cult favorite for our ladies. Calm contains Chamomile which studies have shown has anti-spasmodic properties which helps to relieve painful cramps. This means it multiplies the release of glycine in your system, a compound that helps to reduce muscle spasms in your uterus; thus reducing menstrual cramps. You can get this tea from @teaatheart and commit to it on your next period.

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