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The Perfect Healthy Fat to eat during your Period

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The hormonal changes during your period can be a little dramatic. Why is my uterus punishing me for not being pregnant? 

Period symptoms are largely uncomfortable. Cramps, nausea, bloating etc. can really be uncomfortable and this is because your hormones are going through major changes. They actually go through fluctuations to make way for your period and these fluctuations can be managed to help make it much smoother.

There are a few ways to balance your hormones to make this fluctuations less daunting. One way to do this is by checking the foods you consume before your period starts. One of these include consuming healthy fats. Some sources of healthy fats are Nuts, Avocado and Olive Oil. Our focus today is on Nuts and this was conveniently provided in your #OctoberBox. 

Nuts are a great source of fats and this in particular helps with the fluctuations of your hormones. You can pair nuts with other healthy accompaniments because besides its health benefits it is quite delicious. This month we were so excited to get So B Green on board to provide us with their amazing So B Nuts. Their nuts are slightly coated with butter and salt which provides an exquisite taste to enjoy on the go. 

So there you go, if you’re thinking of foods to eat before and during your period, try considering foods rich in healthy fats. Make your hormones happy sis, and they surely will treat you right. 

This message is approved and vetted by all women with ovaries.




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